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Saturday, 9 July 2022

Drop till you shop

Another early morning walk down to the canal towpath and back through the nature reserve whereupon nature's own call suddenly made itself felt. (Perhaps that second cup of coffee was a mistake before going out for a long walk.) Luckily Sainsbury's was just across the road, which also provided an opportunity for a bit of retail therapy. I'm really on the look for a pair of light blue skinny jeans, but all they had were darker colours. I may try the village later.

Or perhaps I need a poodle skirt and lots of petticoats to go with the trainers and bobby sox look. (this perhaps?)*

Am I overdoing the 'mumsy' look a bit here?

[ *warning. You can get lost in this site and lose whole mornings.]


  1. Ooh, it's letting me comment!

    OK, surprise over.

    Glad to hear you got another day out. Looking good. I like that skirt a lot.

    Frankly, life got boring once petticoats were out.

    Sue x

    1. Oh good. I'm glad you sorted that.
      I have to move over to non-incognito mode to be able to comment o anyone else's post.
      It is a very 'floaty' outfit. And, it's just occurred to me, precisely the sort of outfit I envied seeing women wearing on hot days while I was sweating in a shirt and jacket.

  2. A fine choice of outfit, IMO. Good luck on finding a pair of jeans in the right colour.

  3. Still no luck. I may need to go further afield. Or online.
    At that point in the morning I was still undecided between a long skirt or short. As you can see it ended as a sort of layered compromise.

  4. I can second (third?) the compliments on the outfit! I, too, love the floaty nature of clothes that we get to wear and also looked on from the sidelines rueing the shirt and trousers of the day.

    The linked images are... well, I can totally see the appeal!!

    All the best in your search!