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Thursday, 23 June 2022

Halfway: Going up or coming down?

Three posts in as many days. what is she thinking?

She's thinking that she's having the time of her life and rather wishes this could just go on forever,  but I'm just over the halfway point where I'm counting the days left before Susie has to go back in her box.

Decided to go the other way up the canal path this time and come back into town by bus. Forgot that my bus pass is only valid after 9am, so ended up with a longer walk back than I anticipated.


  1. Well, I am nothing if not a sucker for a towpath walk in the sunshine - lovely looking walk. Perhaps the bus pass issue was actually a positive?

    1. It's not the prettiest walk back down the main road. I may have to find an alternative.

  2. You are making the most of the time and you coxed the weather into allowing you to enjoy it even more. Your temps are pretty moderate at the moment, we have 35C and we are staying in and have batten down the hatches.

  3. Oh god. It was bad enough yesterday afternoon. Anything over the high 20s and I stay indoors as much as possible. It rained today after I'd got back, which has taken the edge off.

  4. Usually for conversation in Britain: don't mention the temperature! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your time or again, even if you did have to schlep back along the road.