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Sunday, 13 September 2015

if Facebook had restrooms

Struck by the idea the FB reportedly has nearly 50 different categories for gender identification.


  1. Im quite a novice with this, what are the last two?

  2. I ought to apologize for the quality of this. I should have drawn this rather than fake it in a vector drawing package. The last two are circles which should have a question mark over them. So, in order:
    Man identifying as male, woman as female, man as female, woman as male, man as both/bi, woman as both/bi, man as neither (plain circle), woman as neither, man as other/undecided, woman as undecided/other. There must be countless other variants (I couldn't think of a handy restroom stick figure for neuter or intersex).
    On the way home I was thinking about how you might represent the space for biological sex, gender identity and sexual preference as a 3D space, like the RGB or HSB color selection dialogs in PhotoShop. Scope for almost infinite variation.

  3. Loo selection code:
    1. Check current state of dress.
    2. Check queue length of possible matching loo.
    3. Check desperation levels :-)
    4. Select Loo....