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Saturday, 19 September 2015

A few more drawings

As a couple of you asked, and I'm immune to everything but flattery, I've posted a few more drawings found in long-buried files while I try and get my drawing hand (the left one, if you're interested) back into practice and have another read of Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

An illustration for a revisionist fairy tale which I think was called something like The Christmas Rose although I can't remember where this was from now. I think it may have from a writers' workshop I was involved in back in the early noughties.

Darryl was the sister of a friend and work colleague and had an incredibly cute Scottish accent. She had a younger sister  with  long blonde hair and legs that went on forever who was an absolute heartbreaker, but too shy to let me draw her.
Darryl, circa 1980

Cover for an issue of Prophecy fanzine.


  1. If I may say, that stone angle drawing, is something else. The 80s picture is very good too, given that you've caught the early decade, in that hair style.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comments, both. It's an odd mix. I never really settled on one style.
      Wasn't sure how embedding pictures from Tumblr would work. They seem to take a little while to load.

  3. More than worth the wait. So glad Susie is being encouraged back into exercising her talent and look forward to seeing the 2015 style soon. Maybe being left handed is a help by direct connection with right side of brain and something shared with Leonardo. As Brucie might say, Keeeep drawing.

  4. Interesting, direct connection? no wonder me brain 'urts! Also left handed, I'm glad I never learnt to write so that the text looks like it was written from a right hander. How's your writing, mines terrible!

    1. There was a Horizon episode, 'Insight', on BBC last night that made this same cross-wiring point (left eye, right hemisphere and vice versa) and that the two hemisphere's process information differently. The left brain is logical/methodical and the right creative/abstract. My writing is terrible. Worse, it is small and slopes down the page from left to right. Even I can't read it after more than a few days. It took ages to decipher what I'd written when I unearthed one of my old journals. More chastening to realize that I was mulling over almost exactly the same questions back then, probably twenty years ago, as I am now.