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Sunday, 17 April 2022

A Good Friday indeed

 Another day, another hairstyle.
A cheapish brunette bob wig I've had for years, but I quite like the way looks in this photo.

The last afternoon (Friday) of a four day break spent almost entirely as Susie while I have the place to myself. In the words of the late John Le Mesurier, 'It's all been rather lovely'.
L returns in a couple of hours so time to clean up and tidy  away any evidence of Susie presence and put her back in the box until next time she can come out to play. (Perhaps I should have been named Looby Lou, although that reference may be lost on anyone not old enough to draw their pension.) How can a single girl leave so much mess in her wake?

I may have taken visibility a bit further than I intended in the morning when decided the day was too nice to stay indoors and went down the village to see if any of the shops were open. However, being a bank holiday, and an Easter one at that, I rather forgot that a lot of other people might be out and about, including several I know in non-Susie life. Two of them were taking part in a Good Friday service outside the church and I'm not entirely sure whether I got one of those 'where have I seen you before?' looks from one of them as I passed. 
Maybe it was that that also made me oversensitive as to what two girls were privately giggling about in one of the charity shops, given that I was the only other customer at the time. Who knows, and really, who cares?


  1. It's wonderful to hear when a TGirl gets an extended period to be herself. Life seems so much calmer and better when we are femme, doesn't it?

    You look very feminine in casual mode too, natural and relaxed. You seem quite a tall girl to me and this simple style really suit you, as does the hair.

    All together now:
    Here we go looby loo
    Here we go looby light
    Here we go looby loo
    All on a Saturday night

    And, yes, this week I'm applying for that occupational pension forecast!

    Best wishes for a nice bank holiday weekend

    Sue x

  2. Yes, definitely tall. A bit of a drawback that one.
    I got my bus pass last week. I wonder if you can apply for a femme bus pass if you only need to use it part time?

  3. "... a four day break spent almost entirely as Susie..."

    What a gift! That does sound like four days will spent. Nice photo too.

    As to mess, is it as much as two teens and two parents who should know better? 😉

    I knew the song, but it wasn't until I checked online that the name clicked. I think there was a remake of the series just over a decade ago. No doubt there will be another. 🙂

    1. That is the best way to think about it, as a gift. Occasional but precious and treasured.
      My memory goes back to Andy Pandy and Watch With Mother. The reference is even more apposite when you realise that Looby Lou only came to life when the other two were not around.

  4. My grandparents and parents had a habit of singing the Looby Lou song - so it's baked in to my lexicon.

    What a lovely sounding few days. And the mess is indicative, surely, of time well spent! If you gained only a puzzled look then I suspect you've done well there. A lovely read, thank you!

  5. I wish I could remember who it was that coined the term tranni-bomb for the effect of a girl left alone in the house for several days.