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Friday, 18 December 2015


For this of us who are accepted by our friends and family, Christmas can be a wonderful time.

For others of us who are still in hiding, and who dare not ask for what we really want for Christmas, it can be just another nail in the coffin as we unwrap another sensible jumper when what we really wanted was a gold sequin top.

If I manage to get any free time between now and Christmas this year, I would like Susie to  wrap some of the presents, so she will at least be there in spirit on the day, even if no one else knows.


  1. Yes Susie, would love to do that as well!
    Abigale x

  2. So, how did it go?

    I got another pair of silly socks from my daughter, a jumper and two shirts.
    And a year's subscription to New Scientist.
    And a Paul Hollywood cookery book. (By the way, did you catch Joanna Lumley and David Walliams over Christmas? Their bake-off skit was perfect; I really thought it was Paul Hollywood, complete with tight jeans and geer gut...)

    Ok, I know what you mean. Just a small present would be nice because it would indicate acceptance. I have been lucky in a way because I have some (ahem) medical conditions.
    For instance mild varicose veins are helped greatly by wearing knee-highs during the day and stockings at night. I don't make any bones about liking wearing them, but having a reason to do it in the first place helps a lot.....

  3. 'Susie' managed to wrap a bunch of presents for L in the few daya before Christmas, but otherwise it was a fairly normal Christmas - that is, I worked right up the the end of Christmas Eve, we had a quiet day together where we gave each other a small mountain of books that we'd each cunningly flagged up on our respective Amazon wish lists through the year (despite the fact that I am still working through books I got for my birthday at the beginning of last year)
    As for my family, I despair. Each year I make an effort to find unusual, interesting or entertaining presents for each of them and inevitably set myself up for disappointment. What we got in return was a bottle of Sainsbury's port, a David Beckham shower gel set and a bag of bath salts for L and a £5 book token. Writing this I realize I'm not just disappointed, I'm annoyed.